Used Golf Course Equipment

Used Golf Course EquipmentQuality used golf course equipment can make your golf course green and fairway management easier. Choosing Abell Turf and Tractor as your used equipment dealer can make acquiring the right equipment easier, and less expensive. You'll also be working with an industry leader in used turf equipment brokerage, with over 3 decades of experience dealing in used equipment. That means Abell Turf and Tractor can help you every step of the way, from recommending the best equipment for your needs to sourcing the products and supplying them to you.

At Abell Turf and Tractor, we know you want to get the most for you money, and even used golf course equipment can represent an investment of tens of thousands of dollars. You can't afford to buy the wrong equipment, or choose the wrong dealer who won't stand behind the products and services they offer.

We offer a 60-day guarantee on all the refurbished equipment we provide, so that you don't have to worry about making a poor choice and having to deal with downtime for expensive repairs. You need the equipment to work for you when you need it to, and so we strive to provide only the highest quality used golf course equipment to you.

Brands like John Deere, Toro, Jacobsen, Club Car and other top brands that you want are available in our Canton, GA, dealership. And if we don't have a model you want, we can source the product and make the process easy.

We offer easy financing plans on our used golf course equipment, so that you can get the equipment working for you as quickly as possible. Our website lists the current inventory we carry, sorted by the type of equipment. You can find used golf utility vehicles, used top dressers, used aerators, used greens mowers, user fairway mowers, used sand rakes and all types of used golf course maintenance equipment at Abell Turf and Tractor.

We deal in global used golf course equipment sourcing, so your location doesn't matter. You can still benefit from our decades of customer service and experience dealing in used golf course equipment. While we can offer you "as is" equipment of your choice, you can get top quality refurbished equipment here at Abell Turf and Tractor, too.

Our refurbishing process is held to exacting standards so that we know we can guarantee the equipment we offer. We handle everything from surface paint jobs to major mechanical overhauls, to bring the used golf course equipment we offer back to as close as factory-new quality as we possibly can.

Purchasing used golf course equipment from the wrong dealership can mean downtime, expensive repairs and frustration. But we can find the best quality equipment thanks to our experience and our domestic and global contacts in the industry. And our excellent customer service and 60-day warranty show that we stand behind our products, so you can avoid those expensive problems and frustrations that can come with purchasing the wrong used golf course equipment.