Used Turf Equipment Dealer

used golf course tractorsUsed turf equipment dealer services go beyond just providing you with quality used turf equipment. At least, the service should go beyond that. It does at Abell Turf and Tractor, where we're committed to quality customer service and providing top quality products.

Our quality service starts the moment you contact use about used turf equipment. If we don't have the right used turf equipment brands and models for your needs, we'll find them for you. We pride ourselves on the contacts and industry outlets available to use thanks to over 30 years in the business. We can find the right used greens mowers, used sand rakes, used fairway mowers, used aerators, used golf utility mowers and all other used golf course maintenance equipment that you need. There's a good chance we even have it already in our extensive inventory of used equipment.

Our used turf equipment dealer services don't stop there. We offer a simple financing plan, depending on the cost of your equipment, that helps get what you need into your hands quickly and affordably. And we back up the equipment we offer with a warranty for a full 60 days, so that you can enjoy worry-free use and know that you won't have to deal with downtime and hassles.

These are all used turf equipment dealer services you should demand from a broker. It's essential to make sure that when you're purchasing used golf course equipment that you get quality merchandise. What good does it do to save money by buying used equipment only to pay more than you saved on repairs and expensive delays?

It's important to consider more than the financial cost of those delays, too. With things like used greens mowers and used fairway mowers, if you can't get the job done, the course will look rough. That reflects on the course and the quality of the game. You can lose trust with clients, and that can cost far more money that any equipment repair over the long term.

With Abell Turf and Tractor, we understand that you have to protect your reputation. So we carefully inspect and recondition the equipment we offer, bringing it back to top-quality standards so you can use it worry-free for years. That's when our used turf equipment dealer services really start for you--the moment we acquire the equipment and start inspecting.

We know you can't afford delays and problems with substandard equipment. So we offer the top turf brands like Toro, Jacobsen, Cushman, John Deere and others so you have a variety of the highest quality merchandise to choose from in our inventory. And if you need something that we don't have available, we'll source for you and get it to you as quickly as possible.

Contact us at Abell Turf and Tractor today. Let us put our over 3 decades of experience in the used turf equipment sales and services to work for you today. We can help you find the right equipment for your course maintenance needs at a price that fits your budget.